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Narrabri Refueling Stops
Map Key Name Petrol Gas Diesel Food Restaurants
circle one Truck Stop + + + + +
circle two B.P. Narrabri
Highway Tourist Village and Caravan Park is opposite this road house.
+ + + + +
circle three Woolworths/Caltex + + +    
circle Four Shell + + +    
circle Five Caltex + + +    
circle six Edgeroi
(25km North of Narrabri on the Newell Highway)
+ + + +  
circle seven Bellata Truck Stop
(50km North of Narrabri on the Newell Highway)
+ + + + +
Note: for clarity the fuel stop map locations are at the intersection of the colour-keyed horizontal and vertical lines, NOT under the number-key.


While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this web page is accurate, Highway Tourist Village makes no warranty as to its suitability for any particular purpose. You should not rely on this information for critical plans such choosing refueling stops, etc., etc..

 Map of Narrabri Township Showing Fuel Stops

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Narrabri Fuel Map
The owner of the map copyright is Narrabri Shire Council and the map is used here with permission.

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